After completing my entire final project, I am very pleased with myself. I am proud that I figured out how to do everything, and I used my time wisely and did not save everything for the last day.
I enjoyed learning how to use new technologies that I have never used before. I feel that it will come in handy when I start teaching if I know how to use these technologies that the students will be using, such as iMovie and Garage Band. If it wasn't for this project, I would have no desire to want to learn how to use these things. iMovie was not as difficult as I thought it would be. Once I got going on it, it just came more and more easily to finish. I thought it was going to take me a lot more time than it did to put everything together and add in the voices, but I did most of it in one day.
The recording part was easy as well, once I had a device to use --Thanks Prof. Henning :) -- Camille was very cooperative with me and she read very well. I was proud of her, although now she thinks she is going to be a movie star!
The informational video was the most confusing. I did it today, I should of started it earlier but I didn't think it was going to be as challenging as it was. It was mostly hard because I didn't know what topic to do it on. I ended up doing the state symbols of NH, but how do you add recording into something like that? So I just recorded myself reading each slide and then I had a  picture. This one came out horrible, mostly because I don't like the sound of my own voice. But also because it seems so boring and not interesting at all. I would not want to sit through a class and listen to that slideshow if I was a student.
So, needless to say, I am mostly proud of my project, except for the last part. So we will see how it comes out during class :)


Today, I did the last part of the project... the informational video. I had no idea what I should do it on. I had planned to do the state symbols of New Hampshire, but it seemed too short. But as I was doing it, it came out alright. I did not know how to make it more interesting, so its definitely the most boring one I created for the project. I don't like how it came out at all, but I don't know how to make it any better.
It is all finished now, I just need to add it to my blog and I will be done :)

Recording Complete :)

Today, I did my recording part of the final project. I recorded the little girl who I nanny and had her read me a story. As I was recording, I noticed that you can really hear the pages being turned. Its a very obnoxious sound! but there was no way to avoid that. So the recording came out fine after the second time through. She loved it, and so did I :)

Making progress

Today i finished one part of my final project, the instructional video. I based it on how to cook pumpkin seeds. I used the children who I nanny, and they made the pumpkin seeds while I explained to them how to do each step. After I recorded the whole thing in sections, I realized how much of a challenge it was going to be to put it all together as one video with voiceovers and such.
As I mentioned before, I had no idea how to use iMovie. But as a few people explained it to me, I started to get a general idea of how to use it. I slowly figure it out more and more as i continued to finish my project and piece everything together. It was challenging to get started, but as I continued, it became easier.
I finally finished it, and I personally think it came out pretty good. I never thought I could create something like this, an I was proud of myself after it was completed :)
More details to come a I finish the other two parts to my final project!

Hearing Voices

As I was doing the auditorial part of my project, I realized what my voice really sounds like... weird! I recorded myself reading a section from Chicken Soup for the Kids Soul, as practice for the actual recording I will be doing. This part of the project was the one I thought would be the easiest, but it still has it's challenges.
I have to find a recording device that can transfer to my laptop. I tried my phone, but I don't think it's going to work. I sound muffled on it when I play it. So, hopefully once I find a recording device that sounds good, things should go better. I also think I might have a child read the story instead of myself, because I think that will make it relate to students better.
I'll keep updating as I try new ways to work on this project! Hopefully things get a little easier :)

Tech Trouble

About a week or so ago, I started my instructional video for the final project thats due in class. Well, it didn't go as good as I hoped it would. I had the kids cleaning out a pumpkin and cooking the pumpkin seeds. It wasn't bad, except the kids didn't let me instruct them at all, they just did whatever they felt like doing. Which was fine, because it actually came out pretty funny.
So when I uploaded it to my computer to try and put it together, I realized how technology challenged I really am. I have no idea how to use imovie at all. It is the most confusing thing I've ever used. This part of the project is going to take me a lot longer than I thought it would!